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  • B.O.B

    We drew but pereira goal is like a win to me.

  • Cybes Jr
    Cybes Jr


  • Sreerag M
    Sreerag M

    Lingard is back 🔥🔥

  • Nathaniel Liddy
    Nathaniel Liddy

    Hope to see more like this from lingard, needs to compete

  • Jang konsul
    Jang konsul

    Edan keren gini euy tendangngan

  • Afwan Riyadi
    Afwan Riyadi

    all those goals were special !!

  • Mega Mind
    Mega Mind

    Ask him about midfielder..why fidging around varane only!

  • BCR

    The game of terrific goals 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Ricky Maulana
    Ricky Maulana

    Ole out

  • Hải Phạm minh
    Hải Phạm minh

    tuấn zê bệ ? out !

  • 光八立楊

    Welcome,sancho! From Japan🇯🇵


    Classs andreasss🔥

  • Ahmad Doflaminggo
    Ahmad Doflaminggo

    Cavani tbe best

  • Kalahari Safari
    Kalahari Safari

    Who the hell is Brentford? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • สัมพันธ์ ไม้สนธิ์
    สัมพันธ์ ไม้สนธิ์


  • Faza Ikhwan N
    Faza Ikhwan N



    Ya abolfazl

  • Apeo Met
    Apeo Met

    Na it's definitely weird Seeing him in Man united Clothes 🙄

  • Xrze Ack
    Xrze Ack

    wow wan bissaka crossing is getting better and better

  • ryan aries
    ryan aries

    MEH. Defend not improve

  • D Mitri
    D Mitri

    What kind of goals did I witness 🤯

  • Peaq Ben
    Peaq Ben

    Pereira goal is puskas contender

  • Mahamed Hassan
    Mahamed Hassan

    Welcome my hero j.sancho.🙏 Manchester united family.♥️♥️

  • trini016


  • rtdc project
    rtdc project

    Peprreira celebrating winning champions league

  • อะไรกันครับเนี่ย

    Pre-season Pirlo is back

  • Haru Krentz
    Haru Krentz

    Some of these players clearly dont care about impressing his new manager so that they could stay at the club.

  • chakra kurama
    chakra kurama

    bro elanga is already better finisher than martial what a talent he is

  • Red Devil
    Red Devil

    It just hurts because I remember saying Pereira would be a superstar 5/6 years ago, and he has the technical ability to do it, but sadly whenever he has to use his brain in a match he just doesn't.

  • s b
    s b

    No.20... choose which club you want to go..

  • Utsav Basu
    Utsav Basu

    No penalty 😯

  • Nguyễn Tuấn Anh
    Nguyễn Tuấn Anh

    Toàn bàn đẹp v

  • wield alone
    wield alone

    Did you all know where is martial?

  • Aeryl vales
    Aeryl vales

    *4 insane goals*

  • Ezekiel Nduli
    Ezekiel Nduli

    Andrea: "That felt awesome" Pele: "Don't forget that goal... Don't forget any goal"

  • Kha_lis 53
    Kha_lis 53

    If pereira did this consistenly, he could have made the no. 10 spot his own but he didn't take his chance

  • Denish Wahengbam
    Denish Wahengbam

    CDM needed

  • Anmol

    defensive mistakes galore 😂can't say i didn't enjoy that though

  • Iskandardz MoJamil
    Iskandardz MoJamil

    What MU hv now is Enough IF u giv them More playing time. Whts the point buying gud player n bench them.

  • Deep Indeen81
    Deep Indeen81

    All goal from this match soo beautiful .


    Nice game

  • Japhet Mukendi
    Japhet Mukendi

    Charlie Austin quickly existing the room after Wan-Bissaka assist*

  • Just A Hooman
    Just A Hooman

    if this not a Pre Season, I bet Pereira's goal would be Puskas Award contender

  • Membacakata Project
    Membacakata Project

    Tom Heaton keknya agak susah bola pojok nih ya ? perlu di waspadai

  • Duy Nguyễn Ngọc Khánh
    Duy Nguyễn Ngọc Khánh

    who here after man utd gonna sign varane

  • Adewuyi Ayodeji
    Adewuyi Ayodeji

    0:36 That Matic pass 🤩🤩🤩

  • Mercy John
    Mercy John

    😱😱😱😱😱😱 Love from kerala

  • Elmi eid Awdalawi
    Elmi eid Awdalawi

    What a Goal from Andreas pereira!!!!

  • Itua Ehis
    Itua Ehis

    What a goal from Pereira

  • mokash mokash
    mokash mokash

    Brentford goals were sensetional too

  • Tumaini Khumalo
    Tumaini Khumalo

    Crazy how most teams have their international players who were on duty back

  • Raul Alfonso De Araoujo Alburqueque
    Raul Alfonso De Araoujo Alburqueque

    Both teams scored great goals. Elanga, a stunning volley. Then, the brentford pay back with a magnificent volley also. Then, we have pereira with a wonderful, mind blowing goal. Lastly, great first touch and a sweet curler. It's like these players were competing who scores a better goal

  • shaan mahmood
    shaan mahmood

    Just me or were ALL of the goals in this game were of higher quality than usual..?

  • Ary Goliath
    Ary Goliath

    No respect at OT, we finally SHUT Di Maria's mouth!!!!! What a day hahaha karma LOL

  • shivesh chaudhary
    shivesh chaudhary

    Pre Season Pirlo! 🔥

  • Syaiful Rizki
    Syaiful Rizki

    Class performance by Perreira. Now somebody please sign him damnit.

  • Shaksham Sharma
    Shaksham Sharma

    Fantastic goals in this game tbf

  • Stevenson Maina
    Stevenson Maina

    Elanga is just playing to his potential

  • Owen

    Brilliant game from both sides. As a united fan I do have to say, Brentford did well. Very entertaining game as I was there to witness it in person.

  • Ariff Embleton
    Ariff Embleton

    Elanga is improving each game 😱

  • Dumdaw Brang
    Dumdaw Brang

    come back pereira wowww

  • Chhupa Rustam Gaming.
    Chhupa Rustam Gaming.

    Mata and elenga reaction priceless. What a goal 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Brian Velasquez
    Brian Velasquez

    Sing me coach I’ll smash 🥅

  • Dr.Rakesh Kumar
    Dr.Rakesh Kumar

    There is the the reason Why Dalot will be understudy for wan bissaka..

  • Azariah Carty
    Azariah Carty

    1:25 Pre-season Pirlo

  • TONY #10
    TONY #10

    1:27 surreal esse gol 😱😱😱😱😱😱🇧🇷💪🏻

  • Dylan Ngosa
    Dylan Ngosa

    some players must go, there's no need of keeping them

  • Spider-Man Biggest Fan
    Spider-Man Biggest Fan


  • Sun Shin
    Sun Shin

    all perfect goal

  • unboundeath official
    unboundeath official

    tuanzebe 😪

  • Alien Ai
    Alien Ai

    Vicious goal by Pereira


    If that goal was scored by any of the other youngsters then I would be psyched as hell. But with Pereira, we know he will not make it at Man Utd. Awesome goal but he needs to be sold.

  • Atanu Biswas
    Atanu Biswas

    Perreira to be offered 5 year contract with 400K per month deal. Here We Go.

  • UNIX Channel
    UNIX Channel

    What a goal

  • Scarlet Phantom
    Scarlet Phantom

    Fans Liverpool ❤️❤️❤️

  • Geralt Rivia
    Geralt Rivia

    He’s taking Phil freaking JONES over Tuanzebe! He must be high. How Phil Jones survived this long at United, I’ll never know!