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  • Billy Shabir
    Billy Shabir


  • Shikamaruss

    Happy retirement Antonio Valencia ! Great player !

  • SAM mv
    SAM mv

    If maguire dosent play .....fred and mctominay shouldnt start togethere....its better to play matic and pogba together and mason starting from right....

  • Gus Mcleod
    Gus Mcleod

    His phone ringing😂😂😂😂😂my manager

  • Robert Marston
    Robert Marston

    Legendary moments players

  • Rambling Boots
    Rambling Boots

    They could’ve just had a zoom call with Harry. Not sure why Ole was there lol

  • Nicho Besty
    Nicho Besty

    Watching this before 2021 final.. We rode our luck in 2017..Jeez

  • C Ce
    C Ce

    Gwaaan yute

  • Saahil Nagar
    Saahil Nagar

    The PC is pretty early but who cares We got 2 games before the final, we have to into those 2 games with confidence and end our losing run. OUR PLAYERS WILL BE READY TO FOR THE CHALLENGE AND HOPEFULLY WE DO WELL IN THE REMAINING GAMES. COME ON UNITED 🔴❤️👹

  • Nerta Thorsten
    Nerta Thorsten

    The telling patch microscopically chew because organisation indirectly spoil a a fancy bathtub. delicate, natural watchmaker

  • musiime George
    musiime George

    Amad goal vs ac milan

  • Alexander Shw
    Alexander Shw

    Erling calling mid interview to let my know he ain’t coming 🤣

  • isto Isse
    isto Isse

    Marcus on psg or Marcus on Brighton

  • Karl Marks
    Karl Marks

    Ole sign Cantona again , stop messing around

  • Ehsaan Ahmed
    Ehsaan Ahmed

    Sancho calling ole mid conference

  • Abdallah Khorma
    Abdallah Khorma

    Glazers out

  • Momin Jamal
    Momin Jamal

    FINALLY an owner involved in the club....

  • Илья Кузьмин
    Илья Кузьмин

    Вильяреал опасная команда. Вон они Севилью 4-0 вынесли

  • 4life Manchester United 100
    4life Manchester United 100

    Ole in 👹❤️❤️

  • 4life Manchester United 100
    4life Manchester United 100

    Hey ole you got this you will sit down the haters and will win Europe League👹cmon ManUnited it’s very important to stay focused 💯🔥❤️

  • Erfan Sheikh
    Erfan Sheikh

    coming from a united fan never underestimate Villarreal

    • S.R.A Surapaneni
      S.R.A Surapaneni

      It’s a final.

  • junior arevalo
    junior arevalo

    The TANK😤💪🏽

  • Nazeem Francke
    Nazeem Francke

    I just hope MCfred won't play together in the final 😠

  • Daniel Hodari
    Daniel Hodari


  • Alicultivated

    Villareal just floored Sevilla 4-0. Man we gotta be careful. With our shaky defence we could concede 3 before half time in Gdansk.

  • Aaron Dawson
    Aaron Dawson

    Got a feeling we bottle it hope not as played well to get to final need to play right players plenty of pace uptop

  • Quick Clips !
    Quick Clips !

    0:46 Jadon calling ole

  • Ivan Amassivedump
    Ivan Amassivedump

    The only thing about these interviews is you can't here the questions. They sit at a volume whereby if it's kept at then follows with Ole's booming volume. Like a Norwegian Tom Jones. Sort it out!

  • Yunqkinqz Entertainment
    Yunqkinqz Entertainment

    Sancho calling Ole

  • Gerry Shom
    Gerry Shom

    Those freekicks were special

  • Pradip Gurung
    Pradip Gurung

    Mason Greenwood


    Press conference rehearsal this is!😂😂😂 Am waiting for the official one


    Dude.. i just went on to check whether final has preponed..

  • Hamaad Ali
    Hamaad Ali

    When I saw this I'm thinking the final is Wednesday or something then I check and still 10 days 😂

    • Hamaad Ali
      Hamaad Ali

      @MAN-UNITED CORNER like what lol ?


      There is something going on here that we dont know😃

  • Tiks Wanderer
    Tiks Wanderer

    Ty from aftv would have been here

  • Ladioz

    I didnt know the final is tomorrow. what a joke this conference

  • Mick Riverside
    Mick Riverside

    The Liverpool game was a tough pill to swallow, but at least you tried to equalize. Not buying tall CB in winter was a huge gamble and it didn't work out. Early transfer business please, so the new tall CB can play with a team all summer. Defense wins titles and 3rd defense two years a row won't be enough to challenge. Sancho for James and attack will be fixed if Haaland is out of reach Best of luck, I will be waiting when you on screen


      Hope this summer transfer we will do some serious business

  • Rhys Smith
    Rhys Smith

    Ole's getting phone calls off the glazers telling him he's getting nothing this summer😴😂


      Hope not😅😅

  • My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but
    My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but

    Ole's at the wheel

  • BIBIPC 44
    BIBIPC 44

    Arsenal goal learning from leno

  • Daniel Riis-Pedersen
    Daniel Riis-Pedersen

    To hell with the Glazer family and everyone affiliated with them. Exept Ole and the players.

  • BabAcademy

    I will HATE ole forever if he picks HENDERSON!!!!


    5:26 Bruno Fernandes Vs Everton is my best goal this season that was so cold 💯

  • Matt Roberts
    Matt Roberts

    Seems a bit weird holding a press conference for the final so early, there's so many things that could change before then, especially the status of Maguire's injury and given there's two games to play in the league before it

  • Ashaba Vincent
    Ashaba Vincent

    I had to check the date of the final. He is making an interview 10 days before the game. That's unusual

  • HHH

    Glazers out


    Where all comebacks started

  • Tushar Tari
    Tushar Tari

    Insane match 😂

  • Mikka

    Why so early?! We have 2 games left before we play the final😂😂😂

  • Valerie Naidoo
    Valerie Naidoo

    Such a stupid question....what does it mean to you to be in European final.


      A question with an abvious answer

  • Venomynous

    Today should've been Fulham press conference surely not the Villarreal?

  • Troll

    Why ole u lose to liverpool

  • SirCrackerJack -
    SirCrackerJack -

    Sancho on the phone, he's keen

  • Ashok Sridharan
    Ashok Sridharan

    9 days early!? but welcome none the less...

  • Rohit Bapat
    Rohit Bapat

    Villarreal beat sevilia who beat us in semi final last year. Don't take villereal

  • Akshay Ravi
    Akshay Ravi

    Jose is the one that was meant to be for United, but..

  • Thinesh Sharen
    Thinesh Sharen


  • Natsi Meb
    Natsi Meb

    This man been saving Manchester united for for 10 years

  • Thinesh Sharen
    Thinesh Sharen

    Plss win this final🥺❤

  • sipho banda
    sipho banda

    GLAZERS OUT .. ...🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰📵🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰📵🔰🔰🔰🔰

  • thegiftedmedia

    Call me crazy, but I think Bruno is already one of the greatest midfielders Man Utd ever had. When all eyes were on Pogba, he refused to lead, and then along came Bruno and totally transformed the mentality of the club.

  • 91 vanced
    91 vanced

    Ole ❤️

  • 9 Insight
    9 Insight

    This had me looking up the date for the final like crazy. Lmao, admin. You givin me heart attacks here

  • Raymond Mugirigi
    Raymond Mugirigi

    Solskjaer disgusted with the English football association for their funny schedule, so he reiterates by ignoring the two epl fixtures. 🤣

  • Football Finest
    Football Finest

    My boi luke is the greatest left back on earth 🐐😗*chef kiss*

  • Archie B
    Archie B

    Confused or what don't we have a game at Fulham and Wolves before the final 🤔

  • Adil Desai
    Adil Desai

    Gotta a feeling Mcfred will be the Reason we will be losing the Final..😓😓

  • bimal gupta
    bimal gupta

    Jadon Sancho Calling ❤

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Ole out

  • Mr.Hűtő

    C’on United Get this W

  • Doc Rock
    Doc Rock

    Ole, I love you but you seriously running with the default ringtone? C’mon Gaffer, at least add “Glory Glory “ or “Ole’s at the Wheel” bossman.

  • Franz 4423
    Franz 4423

    Greenwood Vs Liverpool that run and the way he controlled that ball was amazing