Every Goal vs AS Roma | Manchester United v AS Roma | UEFA Europa League Semi-Finals
Ahead of Thursday's UEFA Europa League semi-final first leg against AS Roma at Old Trafford, we delve into the archives and take a look back on every goal the Reds have scored against the Giallorossi so far.
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  • Sara ali khan
    Sara ali khan

    cristiano ronaldo♥️🐐

  • Willie Mensah
    Willie Mensah

    Let us fix this club again.

  • Han Sinyo
    Han Sinyo

    Prime Rooney was like: Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. But it was Rooney.

  • Rabbit 22
    Rabbit 22


  • Alex G
    Alex G

    Carrick loves a goal against Roma

  • Richard H
    Richard H

    A lot of first European goals

  • Isaiah Gere
    Isaiah Gere

    Ronaldo hates roma

  • Bagas Ilham
    Bagas Ilham

    Wonderfull game

  • LuftWaffe ME 109bf
    LuftWaffe ME 109bf

    Rome was never humiliated by an enemy that much since the days of the Wisigoths , sons of Mancunium must Rule in Rome

  • Aditya Aldino
    Aditya Aldino

    3:52 Pique scored for Utd?

  • voke orhiunu
    voke orhiunu

    Glory Glory Manchester United! I love this club

  • Tommy ardianto
    Tommy ardianto


  • LegendaryLion

    Add 6 more goals

  • Attar Diwangkara
    Attar Diwangkara

    April 2007. ManUtd 7:1 As Roma April 2021. ManUtd 6:2 As Roma

  • Crazy Machines
    Crazy Machines

    Seeing Ronaldo's dribbling again -❣️

  • Hollaifyahearme

    Silly music ruined the whole video. No music please

  • Jodi Suprayoga
    Jodi Suprayoga


  • richard ketih
    richard ketih

    AS Roma : *exist* MU : *its free real estate*

  • p ho
    p ho

    We all appreciate attacking football, don’t we?

  • comic-con con
    comic-con con

    add 6 more

  • david cunningham
    david cunningham

    eh that'd be the champion's league quarter finals

  • Unopa Mushango
    Unopa Mushango

    2:50 Says Rooney scored but it was Carrick

  • Fleezy Rashford
    Fleezy Rashford

    Both games had 8 goals in it and united won in both by a huge mile Sir Alex would be proud of our team for this.

  • ula ula
    ula ula

    What a coincidence, Pogba's celebration was almost similar to Evra's

  • 1e-Chan

    Roma, their defence just never change❤ 😭

  • อีอ้วนเมียไอยุด เป็นสายตํารวจ
    อีอ้วนเมียไอยุด เป็นสายตํารวจ

    เงิบเลย ตอกย้ำแฟนโรม่าเข้าไปอีก 555 แมนยูขอโทษนะ

  • Daryono Yono
    Daryono Yono

    Pique legend MU😃

  • S. Ananth Karthikeyan
    S. Ananth Karthikeyan

    Now add 6 more

  • echolot

    the 7-1 has to be one of the greatest football perfomance by any team ever

  • Howl277

    Manchester United trashed Roma yesterday :))))) like they did in 2007

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan

    United Ronaldo Was Something Else 🔥🔥🤩🤩

  • Prince Sor Lo
    Prince Sor Lo

    the whole team was in prime form and the commentator too

  • miri gore
    miri gore

    this video made everyone dejavu so the result came 6-2

  • Fikri

    Smudge 🙌


    One day later and there's six more to add!

  • Hamiisii M.
    Hamiisii M.

    well, add 6 more to this

  • teohcheekian

    roma nightmare

  • Edrick Seth
    Edrick Seth

    Rooney-Ronaldo is one of our best duo

  • hasbi fauruki
    hasbi fauruki

    2007 MU 7 vs As Roma 1 2021 MU 6 vs As Roma 2


    Who's here after united beat Roma 6-2 in Europa League?

    • Nigel Tube
      Nigel Tube

      Me we’re gonna win the Europa league

  • Gundam Kesumat
    Gundam Kesumat

    4:16 was when Cristiano Ronaldo learned to fly.

  • Kickass Football
    Kickass Football

    Rooney at his prime was something else

    • LEGO Master Yoda I am
      LEGO Master Yoda I am

      Bald Rooney the best Rooney

    • kennedy kiks
      kennedy kiks

      what do the fans chant after the video?

  • Raka Rio
    Raka Rio

    Everyone got his first Europe goal against Roma...

  • The Red Angle
    The Red Angle


  • M S
    M S


  • Billy Cheng
    Billy Cheng

    Please add another six !!!!!

  • I AM
    I AM

    We almost did it again today..GGMU

  • Y4S1N 987
    Y4S1N 987

    2:52 carrack turns into Rooney

  • Brum Man
    Brum Man

    I prefer this commentator

  • Joseph Stanley
    Joseph Stanley

    Some absolutely amazing team goals in here

  • Adelle Miralem
    Adelle Miralem

    So van da beek is the young version of Alan Smith! TWINS?

  • I have never showered since
    I have never showered since

    I hope cr7 will retire at utd :(

  • Eduardo Silva
    Eduardo Silva

    Glory United 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mr Shadow
    Mr Shadow

    Ronaldo X Rooney the best combo I have ever seen


    Bring Ronaldo ❤️

  • Dondarrion

    7-1 is what made me a united fan

  • Karthik V A
    Karthik V A

    Wait pique PIQUE!!??

    • Fakhri De lama
      Fakhri De lama

      Ya and whats worng?

  • Rendy Inrianto
    Rendy Inrianto


  • Y_ B_H
    Y_ B_H

    Why the quality is so bad in 2007?!! Another channel is better quality...

  • d. s.
    d. s.


  • Mohammed Team
    Mohammed Team

    Ronaldo's goal was legendary

  • Texas rattlesnake
    Texas rattlesnake

    Jin Sun Park🥰

  • Texas rattlesnake
    Texas rattlesnake

    Ronaldo was epic

  • Saïbou Tine
    Saïbou Tine

    Big Ronaldo's header❤️

  • Mar 13
    Mar 13


  • Jhosi Harley Pratama Ginting
    Jhosi Harley Pratama Ginting

    2:31 what a pass from Ryan Giggs ❤️

  • Mohammed Umair
    Mohammed Umair

    I can't think how ronaldo scored that header because he's not in the screen when pass was made

  • Neiko McCalla
    Neiko McCalla

    Something is wrong with this video

  • blackwhiteparty

    OGS should show this video to help boost the spirit of the Team before this match ❤ Glory ManUtd

  • Adil Dekate
    Adil Dekate

    I miss this commentator. He has so much more energy and passion. The current guy is too plain lol

  • 1341141 N4JI13
    1341141 N4JI13

    Hope We Can Win 7 - 1 Again Maybe In My Dreams

  • Samuel Lewis
    Samuel Lewis

    Anyone notice the mistake at 2:49? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • አማን ሰላም
    አማን ሰላም

    ronaldo waits 3 years to score his first goal for united in the champions league ......fergie makes him a lethal and an amazing finisher........kudos sir alex

  • Joe Primarya
    Joe Primarya

    Ronaldo was insane what a player

    • Aakash Niture
      Aakash Niture


  • አማን ሰላም
    አማን ሰላም

    Roooooney.....he just loves united....forever red wazzzaa

  • Tommy Hunt
    Tommy Hunt

    Being at Old Trafford for that 7-1 will always be one of my best memories

    • FY Channel
      FY Channel

      Now you can have a new memori of us winning 6-2

  • Vibhansh Gupta
    Vibhansh Gupta

    The 2nd Carrick goal is wrongly labelled as a Rooney goal in the video.

  • Rumana Khanom
    Rumana Khanom

    2:51 says Rooney scored but Carrick scores???

  • Esmeralda Dine
    Esmeralda Dine

    Did you guys see when it said that Rooney scored but Carrick scored

  • Ez studio
    Ez studio

    Legendary 5 assist by Ryan Giggs

  • Paresh Seejaram
    Paresh Seejaram

    Why did they show Tevez goal

  • Paresh Seejaram
    Paresh Seejaram

    Carricks goals were amazing

  • Setya Budi
    Setya Budi

    Always wonder. It was not in the 90's but the footage quality is so bad

  • Marcus rarseclat Rashford
    Marcus rarseclat Rashford

    Can’t believe our fans sang a racist chant about parkour

  • AB DOU
    AB DOU

    Manchester United deserved the 2007 title

  • Jaycob

    our football used to be so direct .Love to see it

  • ibrahim ouzzir
    ibrahim ouzzir

    مان يونايتد

  • Jonathan Connolly
    Jonathan Connolly

    Glazers out!!!!!!!!!!!


    6th goal at home was from MICHAEL CARRICK NOT WAYNE ROONEY

  • Svsh Money
    Svsh Money

    The one touch football for Alan smiths goal 🔥

  • Keshav Roopai
    Keshav Roopai

    A time....When there was no.....VAR

  • Sony darmawan
    Sony darmawan

    Once Upon a time.. Gerard Pique 😄

  • Mohamud Xarbi
    Mohamud Xarbi

    Giggs four Goals Assist one Game

  • Raymond Vankenie
    Raymond Vankenie

    Ronaldo just straight beasting

  • Classics Rohan 5555 Top 6 Clubs 5 Limbu FC Football
    Classics Rohan 5555 Top 6 Clubs 5 Limbu FC Football

    I miss the Old Manchester United when they were winning everything

  • PyroTGR

    Would be nice if Pique return

  • Hanif Ismail
    Hanif Ismail

    Ronaldo header goal !!! Peter drury : again and again and again!

  • Sasso Forbice
    Sasso Forbice

    Odio Manchester odio Manchester odio Manchester oooo

  • Marcel Paul
    Marcel Paul

    Glazers OUT OUT OUT.

  • Caleb Taylor
    Caleb Taylor


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