Every United Premier League Goal at Goodison Park | Everton v Manchester United
Ahead of Saturday's trip to Goodison Park, we look back on every goal the Reds have scored at Everton in the Premier League.
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  • Ed Cheng
    Ed Cheng

    Bruce taking the penalty ahead of every forward, classics!

  • MuHaanat Mh
    MuHaanat Mh

    Zalatan, martial and first goal sharp

  • Osimen Samuel
    Osimen Samuel

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  • officiall_ hollychris
    officiall_ hollychris

    All we keep viewing is history, history and stupid history... Time to get the glazers out and restore Manchester United's glory days!

  • Kamaa wa Comp TV
    Kamaa wa Comp TV

    Miss those moments

  • Oscar Omondi
    Oscar Omondi

    So Fernandes has scored 3 goals at Goodison Park... That's impressive

  • WoW Bahubali
    WoW Bahubali

    Look at the crosses coming in from beckham and giggs

  • Zola Man
    Zola Man

    nani cross

  • Zola Man
    Zola Man

    roony celebration against his former club this tells us he likes united more than everton

  • Ibrahim Suleman
    Ibrahim Suleman

    2:07 the babyface assassin

  • Marvin2loose

    I remember Michael Carrick he was a legend as well

  • Marvin2loose

    Ryan Giggs is just a Welsh Wizard

  • Marvin2loose

    They used to have legends

  • Marvin2loose

    I like Manchester United

  • Account User
    Account User

    How did we go 4 years without scoring at Goodison Park. Wow!

  • The Lazy Cat
    The Lazy Cat

    9:20 that’s why he is one of MU legend. He kissed MU badge infront of Evertonian fans at Goodison Park. 🔥🔥

  • Mohd Nazri
    Mohd Nazri

    When i see past players I see monster, a beast...when i see present player i saw a baby...

  • John Munro
    John Munro

    Add 3 more!!!

  • Richard King
    Richard King

    1:03 why did the crowd boo when the player was on the ball

  • Abdk73 Serçe
    Abdk73 Serçe


  • George Linker
    George Linker

    1-0 to everton Manchester needs new defence

  • Wisnu Catur
    Wisnu Catur

    ggmu indonesia



  • Ramadhan Herlambang
    Ramadhan Herlambang

    Dont lose again.

  • Muhammad Abeer
    Muhammad Abeer

    How simple, yet an effective football united use to play back then in 90s. Sad to see the demise of our football.

  • Ripple

    I miss Lingzy 😭

  • boniface mayunga
    boniface mayunga

    United can’t lose after watching this

  • Shubh Deepak
    Shubh Deepak

    Nostalgia merchants

  • Nabil Zakaria
    Nabil Zakaria


  • Zi Ming Gui
    Zi Ming Gui

    Guys, this video will be more interesting to watch than the actual match later today.

  • Radyansyah


  • Ubay Dilah
    Ubay Dilah

    Aku akan mengidolakan mu manchester United

  • Rohan Valentine
    Rohan Valentine

    Wow this is the passion and creativity that the new Manchester United squad needs

  • 1341141 N4JI13
    1341141 N4JI13

    We Used To Love Play Against Everton But Not Now

  • Clinical Gamer
    Clinical Gamer

    I sont feel like watching this cause we will probably loose against evertoon

  • gary byrne
    gary byrne

    Speed of passing and 1touch football under ferguson was a joy to watch again. But you can also see were it all started to go wrong..

  • Last minute Projects
    Last minute Projects

    Please stop doing this! just focus on training & team management!

  • [Am LitTV]
    [Am LitTV]

    History united

  • Ika Master
    Ika Master

    If we lose Ole outtttttttttt

  • Fukrey YT
    Fukrey YT

    Get ready to lose 😓

  • Barkah Nurhakim
    Barkah Nurhakim

    Keok terus sekarang 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Naza Bn
    Naza Bn

    It's gonna be the same as previous season.. 4-0 lose again this time.. i'm a United fan and i hate to admit it but that's the truth..

  • Ian Deeley
    Ian Deeley

    Bring On The Toffees!

  • YouTubeDexxy

    We need to change our couch

  • brahim amzil
    brahim amzil

    Man United Baby


    9:53 - That man knew.

  • N. Singh
    N. Singh

    The old videos just show how it used to be to have players who knew where to be and how to pass like non-cowards.

  • Joseph Ojo
    Joseph Ojo

    Watching Steve Bruce run on a footbal field is funny

  • Muhammad A. Maula
    Muhammad A. Maula

    Yea yea, lets see what happened next...

  • Candra Putra Kelana
    Candra Putra Kelana

    bahas sejarah mulu eh besok pas main melempem terus kalah lagi

  • DJAS Adventure group
    DJAS Adventure group

    All I can expect is a draw n lose for utd

  • Sylviana Nasution
    Sylviana Nasution

    Wayne rooney

  • Sylviana Nasution
    Sylviana Nasution

    Glory2 man united

  • Rahel Ndalahwa
    Rahel Ndalahwa

    Where’s Eagles

    • Aaaa Bbbb
      Aaaa Bbbb


  • Big Arm Bomber
    Big Arm Bomber

    These videos - Remember when players actually played futbol

  • Chow Hilton
    Chow Hilton

    whomever ideas, please...stop uploading these past tense clips again...this is an insult to MU glorified history

  • SaintRaven

    Ole needs to be more strict against his player like Alex Ferguson

    • SaintRaven

      And also we need a player who can play at the right side rather playing at the left

  • Gulldreggen

    THAT Rojo cross at 12:35 is pure filth.

  • Mohd Hanafi
    Mohd Hanafi

    All ready know defeat 4-0 stupid management

  • Tahj-Rae Gordon
    Tahj-Rae Gordon

    If manu lose vs everton r win ole needs out he's fone his best

  • Marcus Jackson
    Marcus Jackson

    Miss Berba a lot.

  • Daniii 197
    Daniii 197

    Ole out

  • Rocky Rampersad
    Rocky Rampersad

    This United VIlinks admin is a disgrace an fool just LIKE Ole and Maguire an Lingard.

  • Rocky Rampersad
    Rocky Rampersad

    Hearing Ole say that he believes he can still be successful as Manchester United manager is a disgrace he is only worried about his next pay cheque. Get him out because he was never the first option. He was the cheaper bet at that time an just a short term option just to get back up on their feet.

  • je jo
    je jo

    Ole out!!!

  • anut karuntasuttanon
    anut karuntasuttanon

    History chanel

  • Qwerty Qwerty
    Qwerty Qwerty

    i hope everton wins so Ole gets sacked

  • Ritesh Priyankar
    Ritesh Priyankar

    Get a win tomorrow please. Don't care much other that that!

  • Sabeena Iqbal
    Sabeena Iqbal

    When is match

  • anba hudaya
    anba hudaya

    ole better than cavani

  • Dody S Christian
    Dody S Christian


  • Cringe Central
    Cringe Central


  • 100% Bosanac
    100% Bosanac

    Everton will destroy us like Bayern Barca

  • MTZ Gaming
    MTZ Gaming

    lose please i cant stand Ole anymore win 1 game and then lose 3 games


    Everton vs MU 4 - 1


    Ayo to bisa

  • BoujeeLikeNobu

    Who’s ready for another loss? I’ve lost hope at this point

    • abdi libaax
      abdi libaax

      I'm betting against them 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • DaniOtaku 315
    DaniOtaku 315

    I LOVE solskjaer as a player but i do not like him as a manager so please sack him so we all man utd fans still loving him

  • Aviral Yadav
    Aviral Yadav

    If united don’t win tomorrow then Ole has to be sacked

  • Abdirahman

    Cavani will score his first Goal For Man Utd

    • Len Family
      Len Family


  • Sir Soppy Balls
    Sir Soppy Balls

    0:30 love that dive :) gj

  • TheGloryHunter

    Goodison park has been a graveyard for MUFC managers . Moyes got sacked after a 2-0 defeat . Lvgs side got smashed 3-0 and Ole too had a shocking 4-0 result last to last season and could be sacked after another loss this weekend. .

  • Texas rattlesnake
    Texas rattlesnake

    Schmeichel was so instrumental in getting the ball to the final third, awesome clearances

  • Texas rattlesnake
    Texas rattlesnake

    United must win this for us 👇

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero

    Don't forget to drink protein shake before playing. GGMU ♥️

  • Ega Gilang
    Ega Gilang

    Ole out or ole stay ?

  • Omg Is that you
    Omg Is that you

    please don't sack ole :(

  • All In 1
    All In 1

    Now we relay on penalties

  • Faiz Norhisham
    Faiz Norhisham


  • kh3201 K
    kh3201 K

    Everton 4 - 0 Man utd James 4' Richarlison 21' (PK) Maguire 55' (OG) Lewin 87' Live in the Past FOREVER 😪😱🤬

    • Aaaa Bbbb
      Aaaa Bbbb

      Richarlison is suspended

  • Anakidanta

    Always talk about history .... Move on

  • Jude Intiang
    Jude Intiang

    Presently Everton is doing well and if ManUtd continue to field indiscipline players, I am sure another defeat in the EPL would happen this weekend.

  • Mufc Racer
    Mufc Racer

    This video shows when we had men and leaders

  • Christian Ozorio
    Christian Ozorio

    That Ibra Acrobatic Move

  • Haziq Khairy
    Haziq Khairy

    I don't want to watch them play against everton tomorrow 🙄consistently inconsistent No wonder rival fans mock us; we're living in the past every week..showing these old clips

  • Adista Rivaldo N.H
    Adista Rivaldo N.H

    Come on Manchester united 💪💪🔴🔥

  • kh3201 K
    kh3201 K

    after match: 'disappointing' 🤦‍♂️

  • A H
    A H

    Can't wait for every Europa League goal....

  • Ickery

    Living in the past, it's a shame ...

  • Hamma Elyes
    Hamma Elyes

    To save this season .will be need contact with osman dembele and mauricio pochettino

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