Stalemate at Elland Road | Leeds United 0-0 Manchester United | Highlights | Premier League
Watch the highlights of the 0-0 draw with Leeds United at Elland Road in the Premier League.
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  • amanjot singh
    amanjot singh


  • pinkfloyd870

    Th highlights according to Man Ure ... Handball? You would have had a fit if it was the other way around.... and what about your best chance... the one that showed how disconnected, and disjointed you were... Dan James and Bruno I think it was.... Dan James should have been a Leeds player... playing for Man Ure over Leeds was a big career mistake made by James and his treacherous agent.... Bielsa would have made him a great player, but Man Ure have managed him terribly. But Bielsa could fix him in 3 months.

  • Kheii Gallang
    Kheii Gallang

    James is a new Maradona, fred the new roy keane, thanks ole you more than great be SIR ALEX n Marcello lippi😘🤣


    Merci beaucoup

  • Toto Study
    Toto Study

    Sayang sekali

  • Syed Waqas Hussain Shah
    Syed Waqas Hussain Shah

    Hello who can help me . I want to learn English

  • The Red Angle
    The Red Angle

    Keep working hard, Up and Up ❤️❤️👍👍

  • crecrec loli
    crecrec loli

    Glazers out

  • Niall Hanrahan
    Niall Hanrahan

    Another daily message GLAZERS OUT

  • 4Bester

    I know the game was poor and I know highlights have to be of a shots on goal, red cards etc. But more needs to be said of how Bruno and James were both through on goal together and both managed to make a mess of it. That chance was a huge one!!

  • Vuth Kakada
    Vuth Kakada

    Come on united ❤️

  • Vuth Kakada
    Vuth Kakada

    4M congratulations

  • Abril NST
    Abril NST


  • East Blue
    East Blue

    0-0 is Man Utd's favorite score this season.

    • Justice League
      Justice League

      They have become draw specialist under the expert guidance of the one and only OLE

  • Vương Quân Phạm
    Vương Quân Phạm

    Please please Man Utd we must consider signing Raphinha. He'll definitely solve our right winger problem!!!

  • tafara shumba
    tafara shumba

    Glazers out!

  • Maestissima Noctem
    Maestissima Noctem

    Idiots discussing football in the comments. All you need to say is GLAZERS OUT. STOP helping them

  • The Duff Man
    The Duff Man

    Glazors out

  • lucid zemid
    lucid zemid


  • Orucho Sharon
    Orucho Sharon


  • Nesta

    Matic to van Bissaka: "f*ck your mother" in serbian but its Maguire to Fred saying "idiot" that news picked up on. 😁🤦‍♂️🤣 First half, Bissaka fumbles with ball and you hear Matic scream.

  • Wout Gaming
    Wout Gaming

    James is actually so trash. Get Sancho and Rice, and we'll be in a proper title challenge

  • Eduardo Silva
    Eduardo Silva


  • zhou xingchi
    zhou xingchi

    When I had put my hope on your Shoulder, once again My Manchester United. recklessly you tied me up on the tree 😢😢

  • UnfairStone

    Dan James really showed in this game that is not ready to start and never should start over Diallo again.

  • Febri Youngje21
    Febri Youngje21

    Please sign new forward

  • Imas Setiawan Raharja
    Imas Setiawan Raharja

    make it 60fps highlight video pleasee

  • SM 99
    SM 99

    Man city r winning trophies after trophies and here we r cant even get a result against Leeds. Absolutely pathetic. Team selection was awful. Fred out James out Glazers out Sorry to say but Ole out as well

  • jay mogat
    jay mogat

    Glazers out

  • Quan Xuan
    Quan Xuan

    there is no desire to win

  • Fernando Odorizzi
    Fernando Odorizzi

    cavani, played 7 minutes. it takes time to replace


    Bye bye to the premier league title

  • Uncle Wong
    Uncle Wong

    Just imagine, if City wins the title by 1 point on match day 38.

  • DMD

    Glazer's out

  • AXE CF
    AXE CF

    Manchester Uuited Live Training

  • Sandi Mancunian
    Sandi Mancunian

    Galazer out !!!

  • Hery Sndr
    Hery Sndr

    Hasil imbang memang kurang baik untuk perburuan gelar, tapi ini lebih baik daripada yang dialami mancity dan liverpool saat lawan leeds united

  • Jaffar Nk
    Jaffar Nk

    💔💔Solskjaer out.. Guardiola in.. 💖💖

  • CheesyChicken4LiFe

    Glazers out. The clowns 🤡

  • realitySX

    lol what highlights ??? the only highlight this game has is dan james still playin ... like is there no option to this guy ?

  • Marco Cho
    Marco Cho

    Even if the fuxxing Glazers go out, is there anyone who can replace them?

  • R JT
    R JT

    AWB showing some nice improved skills there!

  • Glenn F
    Glenn F

    Come on Utd let’s do it Thursday PLEEEEASE we need it the players need to get a winners mentality GGMU

  • Glenn F
    Glenn F

    Sometimes it just won’t happen that final ball but first time I ever heard of Leeds parking the bus just goes to show how much they dislike us and wanted to finally finish any mad dreams that city might’ve crumbled under the pressure. Could have done with a few more options/ top drawer players to come off the bench with enough time to make an impact.OLE IN GLAZERS OUT.

  • zero tv
    zero tv

    Tololminay out.

  • Sherwin Herbert
    Sherwin Herbert

    The team selection cost us 3 points

  • 456 123
    456 123

    Remember Phil Jones. Recontract injury prone like Eric Bailly is disaster

  • Suchate Tipbuntong
    Suchate Tipbuntong

    Buuuuuu!!!!! Kidding​ you​ all​ the​ Best​ our Man​ U​ team😆😆😆😆

  • Murushidhul Ameen
    Murushidhul Ameen

    Glazers out

  • Riko 17
    Riko 17


  • Mr .Joe
    Mr .Joe

    James the pace merchant. Championship player quality who can’t even dribble. Also Greenwood always plays better on right wing or as right forward.

  • leeblackhammer Siso
    leeblackhammer Siso

    Congrats for 4 million subscribers

  • J M
    J M

    Another 2 points dropped yesterday This title race should have been so much closer this season but our failure to beat the smaller teams who just sit back and defend has again cost us points .. Roma Thursday biggest game of the season for us

  • Sushant Rauthan
    Sushant Rauthan

    unpopular opinion: i think united played the game really well, forced a high tempo team to park the bus, i'm sure next season will be very interesting

  • Akash Singh
    Akash Singh

    Ole at the wheels..... going to choke everything....I am waiting for the day he chokes Europa league..that would be his last thing to choke this year...

  • Oxy Achmad Yusuf
    Oxy Achmad Yusuf

    Ole Out

  • patrick sibiya
    patrick sibiya

    United played with 9 1/2 men. Fred was below his best gave the ball away too many times. I hate to be critical of players. But James is not united quality. His indecision cost united. He has very little quality on the ball. But seriously all respect to Ole but he needs to give Rashford a break. He is playing far too many games and you can see he is exhausted.

  • Ian Deeley
    Ian Deeley

    A point's a point, but a disappointing game though!

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane


  • Nyasha Ncube
    Nyasha Ncube

    We move one to the next


    GGMU keep moving 🔥🔥🔥

  • Hond

    Ole solskjaer out !! !!!!!!!!!

  • Hond

    Ole solskjaer out !!

  • Hond

    Ole solskjaer out !!

  • Einstein Ray
    Einstein Ray

    I am disappointed about Dan James' performances last game

  • Vehmic pop
    Vehmic pop

    Man utd did it

  • Einstein Ray
    Einstein Ray

    Hmm last game was really disappointed But next game on UEL, we must win 💪💪

  • Alibek Mancunian
    Alibek Mancunian

    So this thing has shown us that James isn't necessesary player at Man Utd so Cavani was needed to be in the XI starts


    We have to beat Liverpool

  • Lennox Ma
    Lennox Ma

    Play Bruno with either vdb or pogba he needs supporting and creative players

  • Fit Buddy [Fitness videos]
    Fit Buddy [Fitness videos]

    2nd place confirmed

  • Shalisa Car
    Shalisa Car

    No pogba no party

  • Swift Shadow Sabre
    Swift Shadow Sabre

    Play Amad Diallo

  • ilham muhamad
    ilham muhamad

    very late for cavani and van beek to show his magic

  • BrokenEgg

    Ole might be saving the important players for Roma since hoping that City will lose the remaining games is almost impossible.

  • Chidori Nagashi
    Chidori Nagashi

    I dont know why he enters james and let cavani and pogba on bench pffffff . Limited trainer

  • Osaretin stanley Scofied
    Osaretin stanley Scofied

    Why did ole benched pogba and Cavani

  • Niltu Vlogs
    Niltu Vlogs

    why was cavani and pogba benched and playeed james????

  • Beauty Bibi
    Beauty Bibi


  • Mobile Games KH
    Mobile Games KH

    Many chances, but no luck :(

  • Mobile Games KH
    Mobile Games KH

    This game should get 3 points, but just only 1 point! :(

  • Beauty Bibi
    Beauty Bibi


  • Amestan Sadik
    Amestan Sadik


  • Vivek Choudhary
    Vivek Choudhary

    Boring match


    bocah out !!

  • Muhammad Agung Mulyadi Marhabang
    Muhammad Agung Mulyadi Marhabang

    MU 👎, ole bad tactical MC 👍, pep best tactical 😏

  • Venomynous

    Bielsa sat on his potty and parked the bus.

  • firetheliar

    It wss awful boring

  • Hermon van Ly
    Hermon van Ly

    It would be a different result if Ole put Cavani on the starting lineup!😓

  • Anuj Kadamboor
    Anuj Kadamboor

    What if we win all of our remaining games and City lose 4 out of their 5 remaining matches! I really wish it becomes a reality.

    • Jaffar Nk
      Jaffar Nk

      💔💔Solskjaer out.. Guardiola in.. 💖💖

  • astronauta731

    Tired of man u vs bunch of nobody. Need superleague!!!!!!!!!

  • joy setyo
    joy setyo

    stupit football

  • Demon Hunter
    Demon Hunter

    What's happening to our strikers?

    • Jonathan Fa
      Jonathan Fa

      You need Juan Mata xd :)

  • OG Veqtee
    OG Veqtee

    Van Der Saar in

  • Olivia Scott's
    Olivia Scott's

    Really sucks 😕

  • Osama Tariq
    Osama Tariq

    plzzzz won Europa league Now

  • Jeron Boucher
    Jeron Boucher

    GGMU❤...let's stay focused and keep pushing reds❤👊🏾

  • OG Veqtee
    OG Veqtee

    Just when needed 3points💔

  • Duong Chanphirun
    Duong Chanphirun

    We deserved the draw bec subs in 80'. Not enough time...

  • P S
    P S

    WTH was running in Ole's brain? Why did he wait till the last minutes to usher in Pogba and Cavani? Why could he not rest Rashford? Why does he not see Rashford attempting every ball and spoiling the game? Rashford must be told that he cannot be the hero in every game and to learn from the legends like Rooney, Nistelrooy, who were never selfish in attempting every ball. Ole must also make sure that some of the players learn headings during practices. Credit goes to Ole for the outcome of the match. Even if Ole was preserving players for the next match, Ole had enough players on the bench to substitute James and Rashford, who were not at all performing. Ole and his bullshit will drown MU, Along with the glazers, kick him out too.

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