U18 Highlights | Sunderland 1-4 Manchester United | The Academy
See all the highlights as Manchester United's Under-18s remained on a high-scoring streak with a 4-1 win at Sunderland on Tuesday afternoon.
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  • Paul Birch
    Paul Birch

    Under 18 brilliant

  • Resna Tazkiyatunnafs
    Resna Tazkiyatunnafs

    McNeil is great prospect we already know, but this Hansen boy looks somewhat better in his aura. Idk.

  • echolot

    the future is red! GGMU

  • The Red Angle
    The Red Angle

    Keep working hard, Up and Up ❤️❤️👍👍

  • riyan angga marully
    riyan angga marully

    No 10... Layak masuk tim senior

  • Al-Batutta

    Alvaro Fernandes came to Utd with RB Marc jurado, but it seems hard to see him.

  • Farji indri
    Farji indri


  • Abu Mujahid
    Abu Mujahid


    • Al-Batutta

      Yg mana?

  • DMD

    Glazer's out

  • нυмρту

    Man with 10 with whait hear was game creator he is men of the match

  • Wefwafwa Andrew
    Wefwafwa Andrew

    Mac Neill is another class says Harland

  • Sweet Lealea
    Sweet Lealea

    Watch out for the number 9 & 10

  • K9 From Nima
    K9 From Nima

    Cant believe we have Hansen thats Pedri level talent right there he should feature soon

    • Saeed Yusuf
      Saeed Yusuf

      Pedri is massively overrated

  • Amro Arafa
    Amro Arafa

    I'm done praising McNeil people get the point. It's Alvaro Fernandez's time now. This guy plays like he's 30 years old lmao. I think we're set for life in that leftback spot. What a quality player.

  • Grey Woods
    Grey Woods

    Investing in crypto is a more lucrative way of making money

    • Amanda wilson
      Amanda wilson

      @Johnson Kevin That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr Tony Gallippi

    • Johnson Kevin
      Johnson Kevin

      I wanted to trade crypto but got confused by the fluctuations in price

  • Lvrd Chaos
    Lvrd Chaos

    Hansen reminds me of Modric

  • Fireli Akbar
    Fireli Akbar

    Congrats man Utd 4 jt subscribe

  • Nassir Habib
    Nassir Habib

    I watch this only because of Hansen this young is another level🔥

  • Segaf Husein
    Segaf Husein

    That hansen-aroen goal is copy from scholes vs Blackburn Quality player!

  • abdi libaax
    abdi libaax

    Number 10

  • HwpoSZN

    Hansen plays like Modric🔥

  • ghozali ahmad
    ghozali ahmad


  • schurgy16

    Fernandez seems like the real deal. We may not have to think about buying a starting LB for a decade once he takes over for Shaw/Telles

  • Zydan Rizqin
    Zydan Rizqin

    3, 9 and 10 very impressive. hope to see them in the 1st team in the future.

  • Vishesh Goyal
    Vishesh Goyal

    Alvaro Fernandes is an elite creator at the academy level, hopefully he will keep the same level of performance at the senior level [Loans etc] in the future as well...

  • Rafi Hadzami
    Rafi Hadzami

    even Mcneill doesn't play regularly in the U23s

  • Authentic TR
    Authentic TR

    Hold on is that cavani. Eeeeeh cavani scored the second

  • MyykiJA876

    Looking forward to seeing these youngsters in the coming years, the future is bright.

  • Abenezer Assefa
    Abenezer Assefa

    Fernandez underrated

  • Sir Leh
    Sir Leh

    Hansen is magical

    • ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน
      ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

      Hansen is magical

  • Peakworlds Studios
    Peakworlds Studios

    Charlie doesn’t play 🤣

  • Ka ka
    Ka ka

    Mcneill debut

  • Kardinal Fresh
    Kardinal Fresh

    The match officials should be under 18 too😂😂😂

  • Ursula Wilson
    Ursula Wilson

    Mcneil is an amazing talent

  • Spot Tube Indonesia
    Spot Tube Indonesia

    Mcneil again?. What a performance.

  • Kaafi Daacad
    Kaafi Daacad

    The Future is Safe👏👏👏📈✅

  • Watch Me
    Watch Me

    Isac hansen will become as grate as wayne rooney mark my words

    • JG736

      18s best player and he’s only like 16 or something

    • Alan Koh
      Alan Koh

      That no 10 looks promising

    • abdi libaax
      abdi libaax

      @Gulz M we had CR7 and Rooney now mctominay and Fred 😭

    • Gulz M
      Gulz M

      Grate 😂 Rooney was never slim

    • abdi libaax
      abdi libaax

      @Joel Page Mark Hughes

  • Sports TV
    Sports TV

    I love man united

  • Aaron Brennan
    Aaron Brennan

    The hansen chap is quality

    • Cruzrw11

      We bought him from a team in Norway. Made his debut for the first team there at 16 years old and he is still 16!

  • Ture Fröjd
    Ture Fröjd

    Macneiel to United men

  • James Whittaker
    James Whittaker

    Wow amazing talent and glazers out!!!

  • Ameya Gokhale
    Ameya Gokhale

    Imagine Rashy, McNeil, and Greenwood 2 years down the line... GGMU

    • Paneer Biriyani
      Paneer Biriyani

      @Abraham Chinye because he was not ready for the first team

    • Abraham Chinye
      Abraham Chinye

      @Paneer Biriyani gomes is still a class talent united and ole just never used him.

    • Ameya Gokhale
      Ameya Gokhale

      @Paneer Biriyani Yeah... But at least Rashy and Greenwood have gone clear... Here's to hoping 🍻

    • Paneer Biriyani
      Paneer Biriyani

      we tell this with every youth talent. Remember what happened to chong and gomes.

    • Rutty Man United
      Rutty Man United


  • Supreeth N Shekar
    Supreeth N Shekar

    Currently we have the best youth academy in the world.

  • Mochamad Fahmy Abdillah
    Mochamad Fahmy Abdillah

    Mc Neil getting unstoppable... cant wait he joining first team

  • Isxaaq Akram
    Isxaaq Akram

    Fernandez impact is growing up in the team these years. We saw couple of influences from Bruno and now Alvaro is coming wowo

  • abdullah

    2:53 even our own players feel sorry for sunderland

    • power ranger
      power ranger

      @Chris Booth McNeil wanted the hat trick he was open for a pass he collects goals

    • Chris Booth
      Chris Booth

      I really want to know what that was about :-D

  • soham c
    soham c

    Adam johnson loves the academy videos

  • Ashar Mohammed
    Ashar Mohammed

    Future man utd stars Get some glimpse of some of these

  • Man Utd Session
    Man Utd Session

    Loving the juniors

    • Joika Bolle
      Joika Bolle

      Adam Johnson?

    • ibrahim muhamad
      ibrahim muhamad


  • Max_Footbal

    Юнайтед вы лучшие !

  • Damko

    We got some real talent in our ranks, great to see

  • Chetan Manohar
    Chetan Manohar

    The club need to remove the deadwood to give these young stars a chance

    • Prithu Upadhyaya
      Prithu Upadhyaya

      @power ranger james' decision making is worse than diallo. He can't dribble can't cross can't shoot but still gets more minutes than diallo. Same with mcfred and donny.

    • G Kus
      G Kus

      @Aquila Rossa exactly. James wasn't the problem it was ole

    • Aquila Rossa
      Aquila Rossa

      James is why MUFC could not score? Stop talking lame brain rubbish will ya.

    • Ciaran Deaville
      Ciaran Deaville

      @Messi 👑 Diallo should be eased in. Shoving him up front when he still hasn't played a lot of games in a foreign country, with heavy expectations from the fans is a recipe for the next Bebe

    • Messi 👑
      Messi 👑

      @power ranger James was the main reason man united could not score against Leeds



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