U23 Highlights | Manchester United 4-2 Chelsea | The Academy
See all the highlights from Leigh Sports Village as Manchester United U23's came from behind to beat Chelsea thanks to goals from Shola Shoretire, Amad and Mark Helm.
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  • long hoang
    long hoang

    It's great, I love them, boys U23 is the future of Manchester United

  • faizal fareh
    faizal fareh

    Unitad is on fire now days

  • Philip Lim
    Philip Lim

    Who is that MU' keeper?

    • Andy

      Nathan Bishop


    We expect support from the red devils...

  • 19.008 Mufli Rafiandy
    19.008 Mufli Rafiandy

    BRANDON WILLIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Harry Evans
      Harry Evans


  • Warren Forest
    Warren Forest

    GLAZERS OUT. greedy pigs

  • Tom

    Dan James should be playing with the u18s

  • Gondal Gandol
    Gondal Gandol

    If 11 v 11 Chelsea must be Win

  • Aghaaz Kapoor
    Aghaaz Kapoor

    Can we get the starting XI before the highlights please?

  • Gregory Ho
    Gregory Ho

    Shoratire is the real deal. Surrounded by defenders and in tight spaces, he is ice cool and very efficient with his technique. Minimal touches before finishing accurately and confidently.

  • Bros Gee
    Bros Gee


  • DMD

    Glazer's out

  • khate qhate
    khate qhate

    U18 beat Wolverhampton 5 to 1 U23 beat Chelsea 4 to 2..... 🔴🔴🔴4ever

  • Angga Putra
    Angga Putra

    Sholat Soretire and Amad Diallo is Our future

    • dani zul
      dani zul

      @James Whittaker he was referring to the players in the field, greenwood is already the future.

    • James Whittaker
      James Whittaker


  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart

    And the senior team just gave the league to City. Must be really proud.

    • Tilikum Tim
      Tilikum Tim

      What a stupid comment.

  • King Higgins
    King Higgins

    Glory glory man United As the reds go marching on

  • Anmol

    wasnt shoretire pronounced as shoartyre last week?

    • Igor M
      Igor M



    Shola Shoretire and Amad Diallo...heyy PL teams, beware of our striking line next season!!! YES, BEWARE!!!

  • Naveen Nair
    Naveen Nair


  • Bemnet Yonas
    Bemnet Yonas

    ok that is why man utd loves comeback win. starting from the bottom

  • echolot

    the future is red!

  • Redevilsforlife1

    The legendary red circle is back🔴

  • Andi Hermawan
    Andi Hermawan

    Yes. You got 4jt subscriber now🎉

  • 456 123
    456 123

    terrible recontract of Eric Bailly

  • James Whittaker
    James Whittaker

    Just think, rashford is young enough for these guys!

    • Krishanan Merdono
      Krishanan Merdono

      Wow, you have a point there, didnt even realise it, hes playing top class first team football at the same age as most of those donnys.

  • Alan Wide
    Alan Wide

    Dont know how brandon williams made it to the first team .kid is horrible.


    Shoretire and diallo need some minutes in the first team

  • Thordur Breki
    Thordur Breki

    Glazers out

  • Yaaseen Isaacs
    Yaaseen Isaacs

    Glazers out.

  • Jakub Matuła
    Jakub Matuła

    Congratulations for 4 M! ⚽💪⚽💪

    • Igor M
      Igor M


  • Therese Skoglund
    Therese Skoglund

    Glazer out!!!

  • Lior

    2:27 Didn't know Fellaini is still with us 2:27

    • Lior

      @Marcjames Whelan LMAO dude, it's just a joke. Chill

    • Dancan Nyakundi
      Dancan Nyakundi


    • Marcjames Whelan
      Marcjames Whelan


    • Kylelon Edwards
      Kylelon Edwards

      no no no we can have that how you gonna compare hannibal to fellaini


      It’s not fellaini

  • Lachlan Forde
    Lachlan Forde

    Brooo put these players In the senior team!! Not mcfred and James ffs!!

  • Brian Ngige
    Brian Ngige

    great free kick amad

  • Brainiac 1209
    Brainiac 1209

    Our youngster play much better than first team

  • Csokops #glazersout
    Csokops #glazersout


  • t2k9

    This team 😍

    • ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน
      ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

      This team 😍

  • lvan Filipovic
    lvan Filipovic

    Shoretire definitely one of our biggest upcoming talents what a lad🙌🙌

    • Jirayu Vijjakajohn
      Jirayu Vijjakajohn

      @Mr. Rayan lol

    • Mr. Rayan
      Mr. Rayan

      Give him a couple of years and you'll see him being sold

    • azertu2u2

      I'd pronounce his name sure-tire Lol

    • ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน
      ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

      @Csokops #glazersout Shoretire definitely one of our

    • Csokops #glazersout
      Csokops #glazersout

      Shoretire is the next gem I'm telling you! He and Diallo will be great for us in the future

  • Nicholas Dinald
    Nicholas Dinald

    Shoretire nd diallo is class

  • said klynejubs
    said klynejubs

    Shoretire is dynamite💥

  • Nicho Besty
    Nicho Besty

    Shoretire and Diallo again, they'll be knocking on the door next season, also GLAZERS OUT!

    • James Whittaker
      James Whittaker

      @Nicho Besty edit it

    • Nicho Besty
      Nicho Besty

      @Mr Math well hopefully he doesn't see my comment then 😂

    • James Whittaker
      James Whittaker

      @Mr Math you're right btw

    • Mr Math
      Mr Math

      @Adam Moughal oh yeah maybe ur right my bad

    • Adam Moughal
      Adam Moughal

      @Mr Math I thought it was Traore that he didn’t like being called

  • Sievpao Bun
    Sievpao Bun

    Better than first XI team

    • Elliot Bawnager
      Elliot Bawnager

      What is you talking bout, theyre 9th in the league and the first team is second

    • Jameel Far
      Jameel Far

      noway they're in terrible form this is because of diallo he plays they win simple as that u18 is the best

  • Harshit Dube
    Harshit Dube

    I can see Diallo taking James's role next season.

    • Binh Nguyen
      Binh Nguyen

      Shut up!!! James still here for a long time!!!!

    • Israel C M
      Israel C M

      @Dxrth Jokerthe issue with James is decision making and final ball, let's him down badly.. if he can improve on those he will be contributing more often..

    • Jirayu Vijjakajohn
      Jirayu Vijjakajohn

      @Binh Nguyen even pellistri still better than james. Not to mention about comparing their dribbling skill

    • Harshit Dube
      Harshit Dube

      @Binh Nguyen Is this Ricky from The United Stand?

    • Arthemizy Sharon
      Arthemizy Sharon

      @Binh Nguyen it's a fact if amad is far better than james

  • Jamie .And His Ego
    Jamie .And His Ego

    Why is the commentator speaking in hushed tones?

    • Moch. Faris Dzulfiqar
      Moch. Faris Dzulfiqar

      Because he was sored and tired?

  • Zelpyxl

    First lol

    • Marcjames Whelan
      Marcjames Whelan

      Sad lol

  • Marcus kwok
    Marcus kwok


  • Muhammed Rishal
    Muhammed Rishal


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